Professional Development

  • Do you have a career plan?
  • Do you want to develop additional skills?
  • Do you want access to leading educational sources?
  • Do you want advice and help from those in your field?

Let BCI and the BCI Community help you reach your goals!​​​​​​​

Finding the right continuing education and professional development sources to fit your style of learning can be overwhelming. BCI has partnered with designation and certificate programs designed for working adults. Learn as part of a cohort or on your own – it is your choice!

Did you know that many BCI Community members are willing to share their continuing education experiences with you? Why not tap into your BCI Community for advice and experience as to what has and has not worked for others. The BCI Forum is a great place to start finding others willing to lend their expertise!

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Limited time available? Learn on the go!

BCI offers both “live” and recorded webinars on various topics that you can listen to whenever and wherever is convenient for you. Articles and ‘white papers’ contributed by industry experts are also available to you.

BCI partners with the Credit Research Foundation to provide the BCI Community with access to Credit related Designation and Certificate Programs.

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