BCI Communities

What is a BCI Community?

BCI Communities provide BCI member company staff the ability to interact and stay connected with others who share the same challenges, interests and job roles!

We encourage all BCI member company staff to “join” communities that can benefit their companies and/or that are of interest to them and their professional development.

Which Communities are Available to Me?

BCI is continuously adding new communities to help BCI members stay connected. Here are some of the current BCI Communities:

BCI Community – BCI’s premier community access allowing BCI members to solicit information and feedback on general issues of interest. When your company joins BCI, your primary company contact provides us with a list of staff members to enroll in the BCI Community.

Trade Credit Exchange Communities (eligibility requirements apply) Request to Join

Special Interest CommunitiesRequest to Join

  • Global Importer/Exporter – anyone from a BCI member company interested in keeping pace with global trade information, payment trends and resources is eligible to join.
  • Professional Development – anyone from a BCI member company interested in learning how others are succeeding in their job growth, building their job experiences, maintaining credentials and/or selecting college courses and programs is eligible to join.
  • Mentorship Match-Up – looking to be matched up with a mentor or mentee? Let us know!
  • Geographic Networking – are you interested in meeting other BCI members for lunch or organizing an in-person workshop or seminar in your local area? Then this community is for you!

Are we missing a Community? Do you want us to start a new Community? Let us know! Request to Start a New Community